The Good Company is a consultancy hub that specializes in mixing Marketing & PR Communications to deliver results tailored to the strategic objectives of our local and international client brands.

Good things

Come in pairs

That is why there are two sides of the story in everything we do:
expertise, professional background, creative approach and tactics planning.

We believe that every successful project starts with strategic thinking, continues with flawless implementation and ends with measurable results.

To this, we mix our custom blends of Marketing, PR and Social tools, that aim to
innovate, bring big thought to tailored budgets and push our clients
one step closer to their business objectives.

We are your reliable marketing and communication outsourced consultant.

Our core services in marketing and communication include:

Brand building

Strategic planning

Marketing communications


Social media

Online marketing

Point of sale marketing

Events & Production

Sounds daring? Well, we have done all of it already and we have the muscles to show:

Our team of outstanding professionals that, first and foremostly understand the clients, their businesses and their markets, their objectives and their struggles. Just like reliable members of our clients’ teams, they commit themselves on a daily basis to deliver successful results in line with these objectives. And that shows.

We’re dynamic and happy to accept challenges. That is why we’ve flexed our muscles in quite a few industries, with quite different challenges: IT, fashion, foods, automotive, constructions and medical services are some of them.

We’ve checked in an extensive range of projects along the way:

  • Strategic Positioning

  • MarCom strategy planning

  • Integrated marketing & communication campaigns

  • Sales promotions

  • Digital communication projects

  • In-store communications

  • Product activations and co-ops

  • Creative content


…and all sorts of ATL and BTL projects, from concept to implementation to evaluation

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Do you have a marketing dilemma that sets your brain twitching? Or a communication project that throws you all around the place? Or maybe you just want to drink a good cup of coffee with some really nice people. Well, in any case, we’re happy to oblige!

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2B Marasesti Bd., 2nd staircase, 5th floor, district 4, 040251, Bucharest, Romania