BMW Proleasing Motors at Ciucas X3

Posted in Blog on Jan 29, 2020

BMW Proleasing Motors and the Motivation Foundation launch the Motivation Marathon Initiative for Independent Lives at Ciucaș X3

Have you ever considered the price of independence? For people with disabilities, this is 886.33 RON. Also for them, independence is won once every three years, as that is the limit within which they may purchase State-subsidized wheelchairs for moving about. But these wheelchairs don’t come with an assistant to help them – a necessity as they are heavy, hard to manipulate and bulky.

This lack has been compensated for years, as much as possible, by the Motivation Romania Foundation through the “Wheelchair Fund” programme. With the aid of benefactors, people with disabilities receive wheelchairs adapted to their needs, as well as specialised trainings for their usage.

But, whether we’re discussing mobility and sports or the business world, motivation is the one characteristic of all who makes it to the finish line. This is how we came up with the idea of the Motivation Marathon with our client BMW Proleasing Motors. We thought we’d leave the pleasure of driving aside, even for a day, and replace it with running through the Ciucaș Mountains, motivated by the knowledge we’d be promoting a healthy lifestyle and even more by raising awareness of the plight of people with disabilities in Romania.

“Speaking of motivation, our challenge was to come up with an idea as part of a greater campaign that would highlight the human side of the brand. The idea of a ‘Motivation Marathon’ came as a natural initiative that excited everyone involved in the project from the start, and one which our client accepted immediately, particularly since it gave us an opportunity to do something different – really contribute to improving the lives of people with disabilities. We know we can’t change the world, but we believe we can all contribute to creating a better life when we participate in such initiatives.” Andreea Surugiu (Senior Account Executive, The Good Company).

How Are We Doing It?

BMW Proleasing Motors is a partner of Ciucaș X3 for the fourth year running. But, this time, we wanted to include at least one CSR initiative in our marketing campaigns, bringing together those of us looking in the same direction – that of the common good.

So, in collaboration with the Motivation Romania Foundation, BMW Proleasing Motors is launching the #MaratonulMotivatiei initiative (#MotivationMarathon) within Ciucaș X3, that will take place at Cheia on the 6-8th of September. The Motivation Marathon is a marathon attended by a unified runners’ team, from both Proleasing and from outside our company, with the aim of fundraising for the people with motor disabilities cared for by the Motivation Foundation.

The good news is that, at the end of the marathon, BMW Proleasing Motors will double the sum raised, within a 1,000 Euro limit, as we wanted to encourage as many donors as possible.

So far, over 60 participants – both employees of Proleasing Motors and others – have confirmed they will attend our challenge to run at Ciucaș X3 as ambassadors of the Motivation Marathon. They will all be wearing personalised T-shirts throughout their chosen itinerary, so that other participants may see them and be encouraged to donate after crossing the finish line. But the support of the united team didn’t stop here. Besides the sportsmanship that characterises each and every one of them, they also armed themselves with other resources given to them by BMW Proleasing Motors – resources available to everyone wishing to support the #MaratonulMotivatiei initiative, even from a distance: a Facebook cover photo, a photo frame for the profile photo, a Galantom link specially created by the Motivation Foundation for donations and containing further details about the initiative.

Even If They’re Not Running, Anyone Can Be a Part of the #MaratonulMotivatiei

As we wanted support for the Wheelchair Fund to surpass the limits of the Ciucaș X3 competition itself, we made available to the general public a series of materials meant to highlight the initiative and raise awareness of this sadly real situation in Romania.

So, for those of you wishing to be ambassadors of the Motivation Marathon, here are some support materials: • A Facebook cover with details about the initiative. • A profile photo frame with the marathon #. • A link to Galantom, an account opened by the Motivation Romania Foundation, with more details about the initiative and where you can donate to the cause.

“I’m glad to see that the motivation that brought Proleasing Motors from the level of a minor provincial dealer, 18 years ago, to today’s powerful regional dealer and a multi award-winning Romanian company led to this mobilisation. We were surprised to see the athletes’ availability to join the #MaratonulMotivatiei cause at Ciucaș X3 – both our employees and other participants. We encourage athletes to enter Ciucaș X3 and support our cause, obtaining not only sports performance but also the satisfaction of being able to help. In the future, we want to participate in as many charity events and initiatives as possible, so we can bring important benefits to the community”, declared Lucian Alexe (General Director, Proleasing Motors).

Motivation, a running theme at Ciucaș X3 for BMW Proleasing Motors

For the “Motivation” that took BMW Proleasing Motors from a small provincial dealer to a powerful regional one we also prepared a brand activation at Ciucaș X3.

Within the competition, runners will be awarded under the hashtag #BMW1000. Not the winners, but the participants who, through Motivation, cross the finish line and mark the 1,000th kilometre run in their respective categories: Semi-Marathon, Maraton and Ultramaraton. For them, we have prepared themed gifts and advance registration for next year’s competition.

Also, like every year, a team of 12 Proleasing Motors volunteers will be at Ciucaș X3 throughout the event, ensuring a smooth progress. They will be at the contestant registration and kit booths and at the revitalisation points at the start and finish, where they’ll give awards to the people finishing the race.

“This is our tenth edition, and BMW Proleasing Motors has been by our side for four years already. This is why we were even happier with their proposal that they mark their milestone through us. Of course, we were most pleased with their Motivation Marathon initiative, which engaged many runners long before the competition, and we expect it to have even better visibility during it.” Alexandra State (Project Manager, Ciucaș X3)

The team making this campaign possible was comprised of: Ana Stănel (Managing Partner - The GOOD Company), Bianca Dumitriu (Account Manager – The Good Company), Andreea Surugiu (Senior Account Executive – The Good Company), Sebastian Radu (Account Executive – The GOOD Company), Alexandra Bostan (Marketing Specialist– Proleasing Motors), Florence Luca (Creative Director - Digital Friday), Cristina Corobleanu (Junior Graphic Designer - Digital Friday), Alexandra State (Project Manager – Ciucaș X3).