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Our client, Isopan Est, created a product – Leaf – a new technology that will allows buildings to achieve better performances, increased sustainability, higher safety and thermal insulation, combined with Isopan’s expertise.


Bianca Dumitriu
Senior Account Manager

The brief was to launch Leaf – a high-tech product dedicated to the constructions of the future and we had The Good Solution: A little DYI project: transforming a loft with no amenities, from the middle of Bucharest, into a perfect location for the launch.
A challenge from our client, 120 square meters, a bohemian closed-circuit loft in the middle of Bucharest (that we choose to keep anonymous) and a generous number of architects and journalists interested in innovative architecture solutions, all brought together for a single purpose – launching Leaf Technology – More than Just Insulation. Out of responsibility for the future, powered by Isopan Est.

It all started with the idea of organising a luxury event for our client’s guests, an experience that would fit our client’s position as market leader, in a place where they could arrive, meet up with their friends and their closest industry collaborators, have a good time and relax.
Later, the launch event idea turned into a fine dining and innovation experience, as an alternative to the usual launch events we’ve grown accustomed to lately.
We asked ourselves how we could figure out the intentions of industry specialists, the interests and curiosities of niche journalists who write about the future of construction and its newest technologies, the approach companies have with regards to protecting the environment and what are the most important aspects construction industry specialists take into account for a better future of our planet, starting today.
Therefore, together with our client, we decided to launch the new Leaf Technology in a formal but experience-based environment – over dinner, in a loft. In order to amplify our guests’ experience, we composed a high-tech agenda for the event, starting with an open public debate moderated by renowned architect Omid Ghannadi, themed “Innovation in construction. The concept of sustainability and innovation in construction.

The context allowed us to bring all these people together – renowned architects, constructors, developers, collaborators, business and niche journalists – people who answered our invitation to the event and the debate in surprising numbers. Many of them became our friends, as a clue to the good and natural energy we wanted to express during this event.
As the combustible resources of the planet would only last for three to four more generations, the present time is critical, and taking action towards a transition to renewable energy is absolutely necessary.
For this reason, the European Union imposed a 20% drop in CO2 emissions and energy consumption by 2020, with the same percentage of the total energy consumed coming from renewable sources. To make this possible, contractors and especially construction material suppliers must find new solutions focused on sustainability.
Thanks to our great connections, the debate on Innovation and sustainable construction saw the stage attended by Alexandru Ciucă, Technical Director of Isopan Est, Ilinca Rădulescu, a professor of the Ion Mincu University, as well as renowned architect Omid Ghannadi, who also hosted the event.
About a month after the launch of Leaf technology in Romania, requests poured in from Isopan partners in other countries for the new technology, many of the questions originating in one of Isopan Est’s export countries – Hungary. This is why, in November, we were busy organising the second Leaf Technology launch event, in Hungary, under the umbrella of the same concept – Leaf. Out of responsibility for the future, which makes us enthusiastic.



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