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Bogdan, strategic planner and head of digital at Point Primus, the creative media division created by The Good Company is sharing his specialist opinion on what the clients should be careful of when shifting to another agency.


Bogdan Jlobnitchi
Strategic Planner

Separating from an old performance partner is not always pleasant, especially since during the relationship there were good moments and less good moments. However, now there may be the time for a change.
To avoid surprises, when you want to change the agency, you must ensure to tick off the list some important things:
The first – the contract: it must be very clear, with the rights and obligations of each party. The better defined the relationship between the agency and the client, the easier the separation will be. Equally, the period notice of separation is important for both parties and 15-30 days in advance should be enough.
One tactic that some agencies use to discourage their clients from changing partners is to maintain the account rights. A popular practice, which has an effect. For you, losing the account rights means starting online marketing from scratch: test campaigns, ab test on visuals, channels, audiences, etc. Which means lost time and money.
It is your business and your money, so the activity history should be yours; but this does not always happen. The greater the history of those accounts, the more important ownership becomes.

To avoid such situations, it is good to establish a few things from the beginning:

1The accounts from which the promotion is made should be yours: if you do not know how to set up the accounts, ask the agency to do it for you. You will pay a setup fee, but you will make sure that no matter who you work with, you will have full access.
2If it is necessary to create new e-mail addresses, ask the agency to do it on your behalf and provide you with a username and password that you can change later.
3Ask agencies to log in to your accounts instead of giving you access to your agency account.

There are channels where control over accounts is not possible and you will have to rely on it, but large platforms also offer transparency and management option without ownership.

What to insist on owning and why:

Google Ads keeps track of all your campaigns, regardless of their age, and can provide you with valuable consumer information, from demographics, devices, keywords, or audiences, all of which will help you target your budget to potential customers. The high conversion and loss of access to this data will affect your online promotion.
Access to social media is equally important to keep in touch with your fans. In the age we live in, if you are not present on social media, you do not exist, so you must have full control over your accounts.
Access to analytics – even if you may not know how and don’t think it’s important, in the context of a change of agency, the analytics account will help the next partners to better understand your business, what has been done in the past and set a strategy for the future.
Website – even if it seems hard to believe, I have encountered situations in which customers have lost the right to share the website due to „secret SEO optimizations”. Make sure that if an agency builds a website or a landing page for you, it becomes your property.
You can expect to be hit by some impediments when separating. If you are not sure how to handle the breakup and what you should receive for sharing, ask your new partner to assist you either digitally or to come to a threesome meeting 🙂 But you better make a prenuptial contract and avoid awkward situations in advance :).

Stay safe!



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