15 years of

15 years of

What happens when you are one of the leading local entrepreneurs in your region and get to see your business mark its 15th anniversary? You want to celebrate in style.


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Regional automotive leader Proleasing Grup is a company that started its activity back in 2001, in a rented flat in Ploiesti. 15 years and 15 business awards later, Proleasing asked us to help them celebrate their anniversary by giving back to all company stakeholders.
That was no easy task, as we aimed to engage not only business partners, clients and employees – but also the local community.


We approached the project like a puzzle where all pieces need to perfectly fit together to generate a personal interaction between each engaged party and the Proleasing brand. We created a story of the past, present and future, that took place over a whole week of activations named “15 years of Proleasing” Celebrations.

The Challenge:

You are a local business, however successful, residing in one of the satellite cities around Bucharest, however industrial or dynamic.
You activate in the specific field of car distribution and repair and your location is far from the city center, where the action is, however limited. You are the destination of specific needs and requests, not of fun or entertainment. You are serious and corporate, because you represent brands that have that in their backbone.
You’ve been an active part of the community, by partnering with different cultural and sports events in your area, sustaining the local philharmonics, the local theatre, the local schools or the local sports for health initiatives. However implicated, you are but a partner, a secondary act on a small stage.
For fifteen years of constant growth and increasing success, you’ve always been a part of someone else’s story, while few have been part of your own. That is why our client, Proleasing Grup, has felt the need to cease the occasion of its 15th anniversary and step up with a project that, for the first time in the company’s history, was centered around its heritage, its performances and its vision.
Our challenge was to bring their wish to life and generate a series of activations that would make Proleasing the star of its own show, gathering the team, the clients, the partners and, most of all, the local community, around our client, in ITS location, by designing unique experiences that motivated everyone to jump on board.

The GOOD Solution

The celebrations were held at the Proleasing showroom complex in Ploiesti, where we designed an experiential journey through time: from the oldest to the newest spaces, we held an exhibition of large scale photos showcasing key moments from the company’s beginning to present day.
The journey continued to the future: the newest showroom hosted a technology exhibition, with presentations from worldwide brands and young local inventors. To round out the experience, we also designed a cinema hall where we organized viewings of “No Limits” – a visionary film that presents how man and technology can work together.
The first ones to enjoy the experience were the company employees, who were invited to have the location for themselves and their families, in an informal party to mark the start of the celebrations. Next, the locations were open for the weekend to the public, as many locals paid us a visit. For the following days, it was all about community AND future: as part of the “Scoala Altfel” programme, Proleasing hosted hundreds of highschool students, who got a tour of the whole event and participated in viewings of the “No Limits” film.
The series of celebrations was concluded with a posh cocktail party that was attended by over 200 Proleasing partners and clients and where the entertainment was – naturally – ensured by young aspiring local artists.
That is how we successfully managed to bring together business and community, past and future, in a week of continuous joy.


Our target was to create custom experiences for all company stakeholders along one week of brand activations.

As a recognition of its value to the company, the Proleasing team was the first to enjoy the anniversary experiences, in a day dedicated to friendship and familiarity: they got nostalgic visiting the photo exhibition that captured their history together, browsed around the tech exhibition, viewed the No Limits film with their family and colleagues and got surprised by the special anniversary album we offered them.



Next came the local community: tech and car enthusiasts, bikers, cinephiles, local press and, most of all, as part of the company’s vision for the future, hundreds of highschool children came by to visit. For business partners and key clients, we organized a cocktail event at the showroom, that included entertainment from young local artists and motivational speeches from our key guest speakers.


What we wanted for our client was to touch each of our clients’ audiences in a memorable way: to create a milestone in their relationship with the Proleasing corporate brand and hopefully generate a memorable experience they would talk about. We also wished to convey our client’s vision for a future in which our most cherished resource – the children of today – will learn to act responsibly and deliver spectacular results with the help of technology.

We managed to involve in our challenge important brands from the tech field – Microsoft, Canon, HTC, Vector Watch and iCentre – who were happy to be present in an event unique to the Ploiesti community and share their knowledge with the event visitors. The stars of the tech exhibition however were a pair of twin brothers who had designed a 3D printer from scratch. Following their presence in our event, their story become visible in the media and they actually received an invitation from the “Stiinta si Tehnica” (Science and Technology) magazine to be featured in their next numbers.


4 local televisions casted live from the events, while over 15 central and local publications visited and generated fee media coverage worth 30k in value and over 1 million in reach. Additionally, another 24 online publishers wrote about the Proleasing 15 year anniversary celebrations following our press releases.
Over 1.000 photos were taken during the event days by the organizer and the audience. Following their publishing on the company Facebook pages, they were liked and shared over 3k times, while engagement went 20 times higher than the usual.


When all was said and done, over 50 employees – together with their families, over 600 highschool students – together with their teachers, and over 200 top clients and business partners had participated in the Proleasing celebrations.

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Team Name

Ana Stănel – Managing Partner
Sebastian Radu – Senior Account Executive

Team Name

Florence Mărgărit – Creative Director
Anita Kevorchian – Graphic Designer



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