A tender
with Milka

A tender
with Milka

What marketeers sometimes love (or sometimes don’t 😀 ) are recurring campaigns – such as the Christmas ones.

When the central focal point of such campaigns revolves around the delectable confection known as chocolate, one simply cannot resist the irresistible temptation to create the most exquisite and tantalizing marketing endeavor. Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce you to the world of Milka Xmas 2021.








Christmas campaigns are not something we are not familiar with, as we have been working with joy for Mondelez for a few years now.
Upon the client’s request, we were tasked with the creative endeavor of formulating culturally nuanced messaging strategies, aimed at transposing the European Christmas campaign into the distinctive Romanian market and also with the adaptation of all digital assets: TVC, social media and media. These efforts included liaising with a voice over actor and and the video editing team.
Milka is a renowned and beloved brand known for its iconic purple packaging and high-quality chocolate products. With a rich history, Milka has earned a global reputation for producing delicious and creamy chocolate treats. Its commitment to using Alpine milk and premium cocoa has made Milka a favorite choice for chocolate lovers around the world.
Milka’s role in the holiday season is to warm our hearts and inspire us all to bring tenderness to those who find the true joy of Christmas in the selfless act of giving and making the holiday special for others. Our aim was to manifest significant brand perspective in a manner that fosters a deeper affinity with our brand.
The objective of the campaign was to become an icon of tenderness during the Christmas season by communicating the emotional Xmas Equity Message: “Give to those who give the most” and thus increasing the mental availability and the relevancy of Milka brand at Christmas time.


„Give to those who give the most” is the guiding principle for Milka’s Christmas communication platform strategy and it is part of the umbrella communication: Tender Tastes Better (Tandrețea are gust mai bun).
Kantar tested Milka’s 2019 Christmas campaign, and it emerged as the top-performing advertisement among thousands of ads worldwide, excelling in both creativity and effectiveness. In three distinct countries—Poland, Romania, and Germany—the campaign consistently surpassed industry benchmarks across various metrics.
In a world where our connections are increasingly virtual and superficial, we find ourselves growing apart. Christmas, however, stands as a unique time when we strive to come together. Nevertheless, some individuals may feel disconnected from the festivities.>

The GOOD Solution

Having in mind the European campaign’s strategy, which aimed at bringing the traditional Santa into the Milka world and making it distinctive from the competition, we adapted the digital necessities in order to make them relevant to Christmas in Romania. Although becoming very commercial, this celebration is still important to Romanians, and the message needed to be tailored accordingly to the consumer’s approach to the holiday.
The campaign’s deliverables included: TVC adaptation, TVC final frame proposals, creatives promo packs for Christmas’s season, Social Media videos, (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram), Voice Over needs, copywriting adaptation.


Leveraging the expertise of our team of video editors, our objective was to not only to pass on a sense of enchantment but also to meticulously create an aura of festivity throughout the entire campaign video production process.
The video was meticulously crafted with an intent to cater to a diverse array of digital platforms, including but not limited to YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, as part of a strategic multi-platform approach for this Milka Christmas campaign.


Project Management

Ana Stănel – Managing Partner
Bianca Dumitriu – Account Manager
Irina Gonța – Senior Account Executive


Florence Mărgărit – Creative Director
Flavia Fabian – Graphic Designer



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