Belvita Star

Belvita Star

4 hours of nutritious energy.
Make breakfast both nutritious and delicious with belVita.

Alternative to traditional breakfast, belVita is the perfect companion along with yoghurt, fresh fruit, hot tea, or coffee. We are delighted to present you one of the loveliest promo campaigns for this joyful brand. Curious to find out more?








All around the world, many people skip breakfast because they feel under time pressure, even though they know how important a nutritious breakfast can be.
As a response to this need, belVita created belVita Breakfast Biscuits. belVita Breakfast is nutritious, tastes great, and provides sustained energy for the whole morning. The brief was to create a campaign revolving around this new breakfast choice, with the added stimulus of winning prizes for trying the belVita breakfast product.


So, now, let’s picture this together: What happens when your morning makes you feel full of energy like a STAR? Can you imagine?

Stick to the plan! – Don’t skip your breakfast!

The GOOD Solution

Crunchy biscuits made with wholesome grains and specially baked with slow-release carbs that break down gradually in the body to deliver delicious, steady energy, belVita biscuits can be a
nourishment suitable for people full of inspiration, who are always on the move and who wish to start their day with a few inspirational self-care moments.

Our team’s main challenge was to deliver a Concept to illustrate the perfect mood and moment for our belVita customer – a customer who will start up their day like a STAR, at home or in the office.

So we asked ourselves: Can you be the STAR of your own morning?

Which are the good habits of a good morning? How can one build on the idea of relaxation and enjoying a few moments for oneself starting off the day in this unpredictable world?
To achieve that, we positioned our target audience as the star of their own mornings.
We started to talk about ways in which mornings can become easier, more comfortable and offer those few moments of zen that will fuel the start of a good day.


This campaign was wired to stimulate purchase and registrations to a promotion that offered prizes fit for stars. That is why it was only suited to start if off with a brightly coloured landing page, that described a very straightforward user journey and kept the deliciously looking product as the star of our communication?.

The Mechanism of the campaign was as simple as it was effective, focusing on the product mix and the prizes at hand.

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We already know this – it’s the details that count.
That is why we looked at every feature of our key character, so that not only our target audience would relate to her, but she would also reflect the personality of the belVita brand. From the morning hair to the wide smile, the bear feet, the relaxed posture, to the colour of the clothes – we considered everything!

The resulting pose ended up putting a big smile on our faces. What about you?

Have you smiled already?


The social media visuals included a mix of dynamic and static assets providing useful campaign information, focused on timelines, prizes and participation criteria.

But the most important – We took this opportunity to guide our customer to leverage mornings in a delightful way, together with belVita, using our visuals as a reminder to consumers not to miss their chance to shine as bright as STARS over their own mornings.

Would you like to have a look?



Project Management

Ana Stănel – Managing Partner
Bianca Dumitriu – Account Manager


Florence Mărgărit – Creative Director
Cristina Corobleanu – Graphic Designer



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