Creative Park

Creative Park

When tech, influencers and their children get together, what can turn out into? Try to guess:

a. a zoo
b. an offline and online creative campaign
c. something else totally unexpected







Webstock – 2nd place – Special Projects


To promote the benefits of using genuine Canon supplies and to popularize the Creative Park platform.
Creative Park ( ) is a free online service, available to everyone, where you can create personalised greeting cards, calendars and frames, as well as animals, dinosaurs and all sorts of toys. The mechanism is simple, just like the ‘how-to’, which requires just a little attention and imagination. And, of course, two deft hands, not to press phone buttons, but to imagine pink owls, red-white hedgehogs, zebra-coloured giraffes and orange-mov zebras. Or any other animal, in all possible shapes and colours.


In the first part of 2018, Canon Romania and The Good Company set two goals: to convey the advantages of using genuine Canon supplies (inks, toners) and to raise awareness of the playful platform.
The campaign plan was built in such a way that through all activities as many children and parents as possible would be reached, focusing on the idea of quality time spent together in the colorful Creative Park family. Then the play called „Endless Toys” started.

The GOOD Solution

We tried to find a creative solution to get children and parents to give up their smartphones for a few hours to spend quality time together. They were challenged to put their imagination to work and to understand, on this occasion, what quality print means and how important color is in achieving the best results.
In terms of the tactics chosen, the focus was on the Creative Park target and the places where we can reach it most easily. The plan was built both online and offline, keeping in mind the free time parents and children have for play. For this, we focused on studying the habits of families with children.


The offline figures were impressive, over 3,000 children and their parents played, imagining a world of their own with unlimited toys. How did this happen?
Creative Park figures went out in Bucharest where they knew they would find the most children. Twenty-one workshops were prepared, totalling over 100 active hours of play. The Creative Park world included, one by one, the „Save the Children Romania” educational centres, several malls in Bucharest during the weekends, kindergartens in Bucharest that contacted Canon, and the Grigore Antipa Museum for three weekends full of stories.
While the little ones created paper masks, cartoons, airplanes or other figurines, parents were introduced to the platform and the advantages of using original supplies.
The shops and each playground were full of the cutest figurines, so the implementation team created the most attractive ways to present them and the children could choose their working models from the exhibits. At the end they compared them and had their photos taken with them.

What’s more, the children printed their memories of the activities on the spot. Each child went home with their own creations, photos of the playground and a figurine encouraging them to play at home, with the details of the platform engraved on it.


Online communication was multi-channel and included, in addition to Google, Facebook and YouTube platforms, the blogs of Canon’s parenting friends, with whom we built the most beautiful educational projects on quality family time. Dana Rogoz, Ellie White, Otilia Mantelers,, Miruna Ioani (siblondelegandesc,ro), Crisina Buja (, Mirela Popescu (, Ruxandra Luca, Dan Cruceru ( joined the project. Together with their kids, they invented a world of unlimited possibilities, according to everyone’s imagination. The way we all want life to be, in fact: a world of our own, as we imagine it.
Throughout the communication period, a calendar of play themes has been created for each month: jungle, outer space, spring and Easter.

Canon knows that, deep down, we are all children, we all love the colors, the play and the relaxation they give us, and that’s why it has set out to build a world where all of this is out in the open. A world that is constantly changing, according to the imagination of each of us, where we can escape whenever we want. And that it has been achieved.


You can explore below some of the articles the influencers have written on their blogs and how they enjoyed the experience together with their kids.


Project Management

Delia Mărgărit – Managing Partner
Raluca Rusu – Account Director
Bianca Chiscop – Account Executive
Dan Coravu – Content Creator
Bogdan Jlobnițchi – Media Planner


Florence Luca – Creative Director
Teodor Bradu – Graphic Designer



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