When looking for stories at every step, without pause, becomes a lifestyle… that’s how #liveforthestory was born.








Our challenge was to stir the people’s attention and to make them wonder how daring their lives are. Our inspiration – the global communication umbrella: “Live for the story” – capture and share new experiences with the technology’s help.

The “Live for the Story” brand proposition encourages people to find special memories in all moments of their life, no matter where they are or what they are doing.


Waking up, doing a lot of repetitive things, going to sleep…over and over again. But, when was the last time you did something for the first time?

What else do you need?

The suitable foto-video technology to capture perfectly the most important moments.

The GOOD Solution

How we approached the campaign:
First step: by defining our target, challenging it to be part of our experience (professional photographers and photography passionate).
Second step: by addressing our target in a thought-provoking way, challenging them to have the courage to try something new.
The influencers became the engines of change, with a list of FIRSTIES prepared for them. They had to pick one…. transform it into reality and encourage their community to do the same.

What we managed to achieve with this solution?

Reach: more than 800.000
Engagement: more than 100.000


Dragoș Bucur, and the sportive Anca Surdu chose to fly with the air-balloon, up in the sky;
Travelgirls experimented a culinary marathon: 1 day, 4 international cuisines, 4 different tastes and dishes;
Mihai Jurca wanted to fly with a lightweight airplane and his dream came true;
Otrava and his wife, Diana Enciu accepted to spend one night in the forest, in a tree house chalet;
Vladimir Draghia (TV star) tried wake-surfing, for the first time in his life.



Vlad Eftenie was super excited to travel inside a locomotive, during a memorable train experience;
Alex Gâlmeanu tested Canon technology in an extreme dark luminosity: using the candle light and, afterwards, taking photos outside, having the moon light as a help;
Cristian Vasile brought the Canon cameras in the Sahara desert, a harsh environment with small sand particles and huge temperature difference between night and day;
Dorin Bofan went to Patagonia, in an off-the-limit scenery, but impressively beautiful;
Madalina and Andy Ostafi changed their photography domain, trying a photo-journalistic approach, for the first time;
Adrian Petrișor switched the event photography with wildlife photography, coming close to the Carpathian bear.


Team Name

Delia Mărgărit – Managing Partner
Bianca Chiscop – Project Manager
Andrei Voinea – Project Manager
Bogdan Jlobnițchi – Strategic Planner
Bogdan Anghelache – Media Planner


Florence Luca – Creative Director
Teodor Bradu – Graphic Designer
Anita Kevorchian – Graphic Designer



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Bucharest, Romania

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