The BARNI character is always enjoying nature, so why shouldn’t Barni’s friends do that too, together with him?

BARNI lives in a world made entirely of delectable treats, where the rivers flow with chocolate and the trees are made of cotton candy.

Leveraging BARNI’s taste for fun, in 2022, we kicked off a digital campaign, including digital communication, encouraging kids to spend time outdoors along with the BARNI soft cakes and put their energy into something healthy and nurturing.








Picture this: BARNI, the beloved character, as a gardener and nature lover.
BARNI is not just a brand, but a trusted friend to everyone.
In the magical world, BARNI would be the guardian of cherished moments, a gentle guide into the world of nature’s wonders. We sought to celebrate the pure joy of discovery, the laughter shared under the sun, and the bond between BARNI and the little adventurers.
Our creative journey included various challenges, from crafting key visuals and a creative headline to orchestrating Social Media communications and designing a friendly landing page. Each element was meticulously woven together to serve as a testament to this magical connection, a tapestry of friendship, nature, and the joy of childhood.


The campaign is all about capturing the spirit of Barni, wonder and curiosity. But also aims to make learning about plants and nature fun.
To create compelling headlines and key visuals for the campaign, it was essential to keep certain insights in mind. Here are some insights we crafted for our creative process:

Wonder and Exploration: BARNI as a trusted friend.
Educational and Fun: The campaign aims to make learning about plants and nature fun. The headline can emphasize the educational aspect while maintaining a playful tone.
Nature’s Beauty: The visuals will showcase the beauty of the plant world, with intricate details, and a sense of enchantment. The headline can emphasize the beauty and magic that fans can discover in nature with BARNI.
Unforgettable Memories: The creative campaign should convey the idea that the plant world exploration with BARNI creates lasting memories.
By weaving these insights into headlines and key visuals, we were able to craft a campaign that resonates deeply with the audience, effectively communicates the key message, and brings the spirit of exploration and friendship to life.

The GOOD Solution

„Explore the Plants’ World with BARNI” is a captivating and concise headline that invites Barni’s friends into a world of curiosity and wonder, crafted by our dedicated creative team.
The headline sets the stage for the campaign by emphasizing the core theme—exploration of the natural world, specifically the realm of plants. It encourages an inquisitive mindset, inviting children to join into the mysteries of nature.
The inclusion of BARNI in the headline is key. It reinforces the concept that BARNI is not just a brand, but a trusted guide and companion on this botanical journey. BARNI becomes the friendly face that people can rely on as they venture into the world of plants.
The Headline focuses on the educational aspect. It suggests that Barni’s friends will not only have fun, but also gain valuable knowledge about plants, their growth, and their importance in the environment.
Companionship: „with BARNI” adds a personal touch. It suggests that BARNI is not just a character, but a trusted friend who shares in the excitement of discovery. BARNI’s presence provides reassurance and comfort.


The Good Company has meticulously thought of a series of gift proposals tailored to resonate with parents participating in the campaign, skillfully crafting captivating visuals inspired by botanical elements, with the intention of immersing consumers into a captivating and enriching world of nature.

Here is what we thought of, with great pleasure as we believe in the importance of spending time outdoors:

– A small garden playhouse;
– A greenhouse game;
– And a books’ digital voucher.


With the help of our strategists and designers, we launched the campaign’s landing page, simple, yet informative and visually appealing, which featured images from BARNI’s plants’ world.
Collaborating closely with our team of highly skilled strategists and innovative designers, we successfully launched the campaign’s landing page. This page, while maintaining an elegant simplicity, comprised a wealth of information, garnished with a captivating visual aesthetic. Its content was enriched with a curated selection of stunning images, offering a glimpse into the realm of BARNI’s botanical world.

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Barni’s friends love stickers, especially with flowers, therefore we leveraged this trend and our designers chose some plants which could be associated with the campaign and so they could remember it for a long time.


In order to increase visibility of the campaign across online communication channels, we created media assets which were posted on multiple press outlets. Discover them and get immersed in the BARNI world.


Project Management

Ana Stănel – Managing Partner
Bianca Dumitriu – Account Manager
Irina Gonța – Senior Account Executive


Florence Mărgărit – Creative Director
Flavia Fabian – Graphic Designer



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