How do you inspire sportiness and strength with the help of a well-told story? A story that starts with an idea as simple as it is effective, to continue with a crazy implementation, towed with 500 horsepower and to end as we like at The Good Company to do it: with the joy of some results that exceeded the objectives.


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Our client, Auto Cobălcescu, Auto Cobălcescu, BMW authorized dealer in Bucharest and Pitești, added the fantastic BMW M4 to its portfolio in 2021. Its design (and color) grabs your attention immediately. This particular BMW M4 Competition is the only one in Romania available in the launch color Sao Paulo Yellow. The centerpiece is its distinctive, frameless, vertical kidney grille and the sculpted silhouette simply takes your breath away. As for the inside of the car, you are surrounded by exclusive BMW M details: the M-colored seams on the wheel and the chairs, the ubiquitous carbon elements – it’s not an ordinary car and you instantly understand and get the premium feel of it.
BMW M4 Competition is arguably one of the most radical redesigns in the company’s storied history.


AutoCobălcescu asked us to showcase the M4 Competition’s performance in a dynamic and breathtaking way.

The GOOD Solution

A video-travel diary in Romania at the wheel of the BMW M4 Competition. We created a real-time story about performance & design, told by one of the most appreciated journalists.
We love cars, but especially those that can attract all the public’s attention in a second. That’s why we drive.


Thanks to one of our favorite clients, we made in 2021 a short series named “#KeepUpWithTheM4”, focused on our road trip with the newest BMW M4 Competition. It was the first test-drive and review of the newest BMW M4 Competition. At the wheel, there was none other than the BMWBlog Romania’s journalist, Andrei Barbu, who also helped us put together the first review of the M4’s performance on the roads of Romania.

The video journey, which captures the performance of the M4 Competition model in various locations in Romania, was an experience that opened our appetite for sports driving and it allowed us to share with the audience in real time the status of the road trip through short vlog-like videos and professionally taken photographs.
Much like a documented journey, we shared Andrei’s updates on the road trip at specifically decided checkpoints, such as: leaving for BMW Auto Cobălcescu Pitești from Bucharest and the city’s notorious traffic, the pit stop at the Râușor Dam, the visit at the Romanian Automobile Museum, the hillclimb on Transfăgărășan and finally, the destination – Pitești and our client’s showroom.
The filming team managed to prove that Bucharest-Pitesti can be not only a straight and dull road, but an excellent setting to highlight everything that M4 competition knows how to do.


The project was planned as a mix of storytelling, images that capture details of the model, but also full-view frames made both day and night (on the entire route, on Transfăgărășan and Pitești), technical details that any potential customer should to know them, advantages and disadvantages … a serial type review that not only offers a complex perspective on the newly launched model, but also places it naturally in our local context.


The „#KeepUpWithTheM4” series was promoted on social media, on the main communication pages of BMW Auto Cobălcescu, both on Instagram and on Facebook, through a series of creative videos, such as vlogs and reels, with added static posts.


The videos in the series had a Facebook reach of over 40,000 people and about 30,000 views.


It is worth mentioning that the teaser posted on Instagram is the video with the best reach in the last 2 years, and in general the project generated on Instagram + 84.7% content interactions, but also the most saves since the launch of social channels BMW Auto Cobălcescu media. The content was engaging, and Andrei’s experience brought more information that raised many questions and debates to which he answered and which aroused curiosity among BMW fans to test the model.


Project Management

Ana Stănel – Manager Director
Bianca Dumitriu – Account Manager
Bianca Mănăilă – Senior Account Executive
Roxana Tănase – Social Media Specialist

MotorVlog TV Team

Andrei Barbu – Automotive Journalist
Călin Ocnaru – Videographer
Mihai Alexandrescu – Videographer
Adrian Cobzașu – Photographer



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