You have to travel to the Nordic countries to see the Aurora Borealis…they say! We demonstrated the contrary. Technology is what makes everything possible these days, and so was the case for several press and bloggers who attended the LG TV OLED launch, mentally up north, physically here in Romania.

How the colours of the Aurora Borealis are perfectly transposed on TV?

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Webstock Awards Nomination for Special Projects category


To launch the LG TV OLED in Romania through the necessary communication efforts.


In May, the Aurora Borealis show happens at altitudes of over 80 km above our planet, and can be witnessed from Norway, Iceland, Siberia, Alaska or Canada. But, this May, the Aurora Borealis was also seen in Romania.

The GOOD Solution

How was this possible? The Good Company developed and built the „Discover Aurora Borealis in Romania” campaign based on the resemblance between the light display of Aurora Borealis against the pitch black of the night sky and the LG OLED 4K TV series, TVs with a perfectly black background increasing the intensity of colors and the clarity of images.
The product is part of the OLED 4K TVs from LG, the premium range developed by LG, OLED being an innovative technology for TVs that is today the most performing.



We started by searching for a photographer passionate about the Aurora Borealis, who had captured it at its most spectacular. And so we found Alex Conu, a popular astro-photographer living in Lofoten Island, Norway, well-known for his photos and videos featuring the Aurora Borealis. Surprise, a Romanian!

Communication of the project started on May 4th, when we announced that the Aurora Borealis would arrive in Romania in May. The media interest immediately followed, as this was the first time Romanians could be close to this phenomenon in their home country. And LG was the first brand to make it possible.


Museum Night was the perfect opportunity to organize this special event, as it’s the busiest night of the year in terms of visitors to museums/galleries. This was a great opportunity for the consumer to interact with the product. An atypical photo exposition was organised, with the help of Alex Conu and LG OLED 4k. Thanks to the advanced technology of the LG OLED 4k TVs, participants could admire Alex Conu’s photos and videos as if looking through a window beyond the Polar Circle; they discovered lesser-known details about the Aurora Borealis, received advice on how best to capture as closest o reality as possile, and found information on OLED LG products and technology. Exposition visitors and special guests were surprised by the quality of the images and the vibrant colors, as they gained access to the beauty of this spectacular phenomenon through a monitor.

We exhibited around 5-6 OLED TVs, we created an atmosphere based on the Aurora Borealis theme (sequences of polar lights, shadows, projectors, etc.), visitors took pictures and gifs with greenscreen, etc. exposed on TVs Alex’s photos and videos, saying that the TVs represent a „window” through which visitors will be transposed beyond the Arctic Circle to admire this spectacular natural phenomenon which is actually a huge play of lights and striking against the pitch black sky, a visual experience that is most often „a once in a lifetime opportunity”.

The MC was George Buhnici, Alex Conu also attended and spoke about the Aurora phenomenon and what it means to be an astro-photographer, the importance of displays where you can see in detail the photos and materials you captured, how amazed he was by how realistically his materials are played on OLED TVs (as if he was reliving the experience once more, he was once again in front of the phenomenon), etc.

The press and several bloggers listened to Alex’s stories, helped share the news about the event and the launch campaign, and the exhibition remained open all evening for the general public.


The integrated „Discover Aurora Borealis In Romania” campaign consisted of online and offline communication elements (earned and paid), a landing page where all necessary information was available, paid fb ads & adwords campaign; was supported by numerous bloggers and specialized publications, as well as the Museum Night team; and was present on Facebook, as the audience could access the lgoled.ro platform for all details.


Project Management

Delia Mărgărit – Managing Partner
Magda Topolică – Senior Account Manager


Florence Luca – Creative Director
Teodor Bradu – Graphic Designer
Anita Kevorchian – Graphic Designer



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