Milka Vday
Secret Admirer
Unleash the
of Love!

Milka Vday
Secret Admirer 2021:
Unleash the
Sweetness of Love!

Discover a heartwarming tale of romance and tenderness with Milka, our delectable client. When it comes to special holidays like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or Easter, we eagerly dive into creating memorable experiences. We are honored to have the trust of our partner, Mondelez, as we infuse our creative touch into their marketing endeavors.








For Valentine’s Day, Milka approached us with a mission: to celebrate the power of chocolate in bringing people closer, particularly in romantic and familial contexts. With their exquisite assortment of pralines featuring sour cherry, hazelnut, and strawberry flavors, we envisioned a campaign that would connect couples and people who share a passion for specific chocolate fillings.


We uncovered a profound insight: love isn’t just about chocolate; it’s also about finding the right words to express your feelings. We pondered the challenge of choosing the perfect words and decided to wrap them up in a delicious box of pralines, a gesture that would surely melts hearts.

The GOOD Solution

In 2021, we unveiled the Milka Vday Secret Admirer campaign, inviting everyone to dive into a world of chocolate-filled romance. Our focus was on captivating visual assets, complemented by the endorsement of Iv Cel Naiv. By partnering with this master of love lyrics, we empowered customers to express their deepest emotions through a single word of their choice.


The campaign kicked off with a delectable landing page adorned with tantalizing pralines scattered playfully.
The Mechanism: As users purchased two boxes of Milka, they gained access to an exclusive form, where they could enter their receipt code and craft a special Valentine’s Day message for their beloved. By selecting a word or expression that best captured their feelings—be it love, communication, trust, or any other—they were treated to a personalized message crafted by Iv Cel Naiv.
Optional, these heartfelt messages could then be shared on social media or sent via email, spreading the essence of love far and wide.

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On social media, we served up mouth-watering and playful dynamic and static posts that invited our followers to explore the captivating landing page. We showcased Iv’s enchanting texts, teased the irresistible prizes, and, most importantly, encouraged everyone to declare their love through tender words.


Moreover, the Milka Vday Secret Admirer campaign extended its digital presence through captivating banners that caught the eye and stirred the senses.


Join us on this enchanting journey where love meets chocolate, and every bite is filled with passion. Explore the Milka Vday Secret Admirer 2021 campaign and experience a world where romance and sweetness intertwine seamlessly!


Project Management

Ana Stănel – Managing Partner
Bianca Dumitriu – Account Manager


Florence Mărgărit – Creative Director
Flavia Fabian – Graphic Designer
Cristina Corobleanu – Graphic Designer



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