Is You

Is You

Throughout „Morarita esti chiar tu!” campaign, we rediscovered the joy of sweet breaks with family and friends, a challenge to fun and creativity. We followed a trend and we become one.
Although resolving a positioning dilemma for a brand is a complex matter, especially when the budget is designed for testing the waters, it all came to us naturally. After we tried the product ourselves, young and active people, after we offered it to our friends and families, the solution turned out simple. Want to find out more?








Morarita Strudel was the new ready to bake product category in Dr Oetker’s portfolio, that needed a fresh brand image and boost of visibility: friendly, playful, with a human touch.
Our client faced a great challenge, that is POSITIONING. They discovered they had a rather limited target market for their product: because bakery, however easy to make, is still perceived as a housewive’s prerogative and automatically avoided by most of us; yet housewives always prefer the so-called frozen „base products” to prepare their own recipes.


Our challenge was to make it real, to increase the brand’s visibility to as many people as possible and to build a community around it. Morarita had all the characteristics to become a social brand, a LOVE brand.

The GOOD Solution

How we did this? By launching an integrated campaign and a delightful recipe of fun, creativity, prizes and good tastes, “Morarita esti chiar tu!”, the first in the history of Morarita.


The tone was given by the endorsers, the Kooperativa 2.0 team and Dana Rogoz. The inspiration came through all communication channels: Facebook, online campaigns, weekly newsletters, TV adverts, the cheerful packaging and in-store activations.


We challenged the people to capture (photo/video) the fun context in which they enjoyed a strudel, uploading it on the website and distributing on social media to get friends’ votes. The most creative and compelling materials could win a 10,000 lei gift card or weekly prizes.
We made Morarita a star in the online world reaching a total number of 16 million impressions through Google, Facebook, Yahoo and YouTube.


The online campaign was an immediate success, but we also moved offline. We sent mobile messages to those who were in the proximity of hypermarkets, letting them know they are passing by something sweet. They came and tried the product hot, directly from the ovens placed inside the supermarkets.


Also, the readers of „Practic in Bucatarie” magazine were challenged to come up with a filling for Morarita strudel, offering the chance to turn their ideas into a limited edition and win a multifunctional oven or electronic products. 158 new ideas reached the client’s factory – the winner yummy filling was jam with walnuts and vanilla.



Project Management

Ana Stănel – Managing Partner
Claudia Vulpe – Senior Account Manager
Bogdan Jlobnițchi – Strategic Partner


Florence Mărgărit – Managing Director
Teodor Bratu – Creative Director
Teodora Alexa – Graphic Designer



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Bucharest, Romania

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