to BMW Welt

to BMW Welt

How to reward BMW owners for doing what they love? Read below to discover.


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Many things may be said of BMW owners, for better or worse, but we can all agree on one thing: they love their cars, the brand and the experience it offers behind the wheel.


Developing a project aiming to gather BMW owners around the dealer, through a first-of-its-kind challenge: to be rewarded simply for doing what they love – driving their automobiles.

The GOOD Solution

#RoadToBMWWelt, a contest-campaign designed as a race, in which every km traveled by participants would bring them closer to the chance of a complete BMW experience for two in Munich, the birthplace of the brand, 101 years ago; but also closer to many other guaranteed prizes, in the guise of free operations at the BMW authorized service station Proleasing Motors.
How Did the Campaign Unfold?


The mechanism was managed through the campaign’s microsite-integrated contest platform, through which every participant could check their standing in the race, update their mileage, claim guaranteed prizes, request bonuses or program other operations – all based on an account created automatically when signing up. All easily, all one click away. On the flip side, the dealer’s “control” team could validate mileages, offer bonuses, program free operations and offer consultancy – just as easily.


The race to BMW Welt took place over a three-month period, during which any BMW owner could enter their personal automobile on the contest website, by introducing their current on-board mileage as the starting point of the race.
From there on, all they had to do was travel 2,998 km (the equivalent of a round trip from the Proleasing Motors showroom in Ploiesti to the BMW Welt location in Munich) by the end of the campaign period, to earn a place in the grand prize ballot: the BMW experience “for two”, including visits to the BMW museums, personalized drive tests and mini-trips onboard the latest BMW models – all during an extended weekend in Munich.

After the first 300 km, the guaranteed prizes would begin to take effect, increasing in value as the participants got closer to the race’s end, so that any ballot finalist would implicitly benefit from free operations at the Proleasing service station, totaling 750 RON. Additionally, we designed a nice bonus system for the “late contestants”, allowing them to earn virtual km in the race and thus make up for any distances they were unable to travel on time in real life.


We declined the visual into several media assets such as: Google & Yahoo Ads, Taboola, Programmatic Ads and Interscrollers.


Project Management

Ana Stănel – Managing Partner
Bogdan Jlobnițchi – Strategic Partner


Teodor Bratu – Art Director
Teodora Alexa – Graphic Designer



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