The Entire World
on a TUC

The Entire World
on a TUC

How to drive a natural association between two brands in an engaging way? We got the GOOD solution!


Mondelez International





Webstock Awards Nomination for Best Creative Idea


TUC, one of our client, Mondelez International’s brands is a simple, tasty cracker, baked with honest ingredients.
Relatively low calorie intake, popular on shelf and affordable by the target group, even in terms of frequent snacking.


The client asked us to deliver a relevant, engaging and versatile activation proposal to drive a natural association between TUC and Philadelphia brands among cooking enthusiasts (core target), as well as the young and active foodies, who take pleasure in upgrading their daily snacks to fast & healthy gourmet.
The objective was to drive top of mind association of the two brands as a regular snacking opportunity for the main targets.

The GOOD Solution

Lumea intreaga pe un TUC (The entire world on a TUC) – A campaign concept that brings a world of flavor on one small TUC , topped with Philadelphia cream cheese, as host to all sorts of locally relevant taste combinations. It’s a universal treat that will make one’s taste buds dance with joy, whether they aim for a quick snack or a fancy one. Travelling around the world with TUC and Philadelphia will highlight, on one hand, the worldwide relevance of this combination, and on the other hand its versatility in relation to a world of other possible toppings.

We delivered… some delicious materials


Through the key visual of the campaign, We effectively delivered a representation of the whole world –defined by relevant worldwide landmarks and a visually enticing appetizer with healthy, but fun ingredients –hosted on one TUC-shaped visual that delivers our main campaign message.


Also, we created a short and fun contest, hosted on a campaign microsite, among food enthusiasts, challenging them to “go around the world” and identify the local cuisines that inspired 10 different TUC+Philly based snacks. Based on their proficiency, at the end of the contest participant received a “ TUCatar ” badge and the access to different prize ranges. The snacks were designed by 10 influencers, who participated in the campaign. We topped the challenge with ingredients to stimulate participants to bring their friends in the contest. We added a recipe for creativity for contestants with higher skills, by means of a dedicated digital activation spinoff. Later on, we took the 10 recipes out for tasting, in outdoor and instore activations.

The core of the contest and the digital campaign Lumea intreaga pe un TUC” was the microsite, hosted on , which we designed. It was developed around an interactive map of the world and challenged the users to identify what country inspired the influencers to create their own TUC.
The microsite was also used as an inspiration for the consumers and generate new TUC recipes from users.

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We created snackable content on social media platforms, mixing image and video to deliver a message that was equally relevant, fulfilling and, most of all, actionable.



We generated traffic to the microsite with the help of wonderful Dexter Chef whom we filmed with many delicious recipes, as part of the campaign.


1.8 million impressions on Instagram
1.3 million impressions on other digital assets
10.6 thousand unique participants in the contest
…aaand, the 500 guaranteed prizes were won in the first 30 mins from campaign go-live. Pretty amazing, right?


Travelling around the world with TUC and Philadelphia was our momentum, as we managed to showcase the worldwide relevance of this combination.
But we also opened imagination to a world of other possible toppings for the TUC & Philly combo, making it the most versatile and fun snack for foodies, irrespective of their cooking proficiency… or the contents of their fridge.


Project Management

Ana Stănel – Managing Partner

Bianca Dumitriu – Account Director

Bogdan Jlobnițchi – Strategic Planner


Florence Mărgărit – Creative Director

Cristina Corobleanu – Graphic Designer



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