We all love shoes! Shoes are made to continue on their path and complete an experience lived at some point, not to be forgotten in a corner of the closet. Read below about the Otter Shoes CSR project, which makes you rethink comfort shopping from a sustainable angle.







WEBSTOCK Awards – 1st Prize for Best Special Project Category

SABRE Awards – Nomination for Industry Sectors / Consumer Goods / Fashion & Beauty Category


A lot of us end up saying, „I have no shoes to wear!” at some point, even if we are in front of a closet full of shoes. It doesn’t matter how many pairs of shoes we actually own, when we are preparing for an important event, in the discount season, when we want to reward ourselves or make our day more beautiful, we feel the impulse to buy a pair of new footwear. And so, the dressing room is slowly becoming more and more crowded.
Buut… comfort shopping also makes people feel guilty.
The challenge was to turn this feeling into a positive one and make our customers feel good.


How to have happy #shoeslovers? By giving them the opportunity to do a good deed. Thus, the feeling of guilt will diminish and will be replaced by satisfaction.
What did we discover?
While, for some people, the phrase „I have no shoes to wear” reflects the difficulty of choosing between too many options, for others, it can mean a complete lack of options.

The GOOD Solution

From here to the idea of carrying out a social project was only one step. In the absence of nationwide shoe donation programs, Otter has appropriated the task of devising an easy and free mechanism through which anyone can do a deed. The Otter Shoes is a social project of shoe donations, run by the footwear brand Otter, in partnership with the Red Cross Romania and Twin Wash Company.
With the help of an account on, anyone could call a courier to pick up the shoes they wanted to donate, quickly and for free, even if they don’t wish to order anything from the site. Furthermore, Otter, alongside with his partners carefully selected the donated products, sanitized and passed them on to the Red Cross to be of service to those in need. Total Wash brand teamed up with Otter on this project, supporting the sanitizing part of the donations, so that the products are safely worn by those who need them.
The message reached over 2 million users online.


The challenge was to spread the message to the public and convince them to join our initiative.
Alongside two personalities recognized for their sustained involvement in social and cultural projects, Cristina Bazavan and Marius Manole, we tried to convey that anyone can do a good deed and bring joy.


The communication core of the project is the campaign landing page in which we detailed the purpose of the project, explained the steps of how people can help and shared some of the stories and personal examples of the project’s supporters.

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When you want to convince the public to join your initiative, begin with your friends.
Communication began, first of all, with messages calling for involvement to the Otter community, on official channels (campaign landing page, website, official Facebook and Instagram pages), through newsletters and distributing informative materials, sent to customers.
In an attempt to gain as many supporters as possible in this endeavor, we have sent an impactful „message” to communities of bloggers and influencers through which, for the first time, they were encouraged to give, instead of receiving.
We challenged them to be an example for their communities and friends: to be the first to do a good deed, especially now, when donating is much simpler.
and it worked!

After only one month since the beginning of the project, results exceeded expectations.



Project Management

Delia Mărgărit – Managing Partner
Magda Topolică – Account Manager
Anca Spiridon – Account Executive


Florence Mărgărit – Creative Director
Teodor Bratu – Graphic Designer
Anita Kevorkian – Graphic Designer



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