The Transilvania
Train Experience


The Transilvania
Train Experience

How could Romania`s charm and authenticity be discovered in a new and exciting way? We thought Transilvania Train would be a GOOD one. This is not an ordinary train that only offers you the chance to admire beautiful landscapes, but one that gives you access to remarkable experiences at every stop.


Transilvania Train


Transilvania Train



WEBSTOCK Awards – 3rd Prize for Best Special Project Category

ETRAVEL Awards – 1st Prize for Best Destination Campaign


To come up with a crazy idea to compete with the international standards of tourism and also help Romanian and foreign tourists discover the true cultural, historical and natural heritage of Romania.


With Transylvania`s rising popularity worldwide, Romania is ready to take tourism to the next level, in a way that extends beyond simple visits to well-known castles and monasteries and commercial touristic cities/areas.

The GOOD Solution

The Transilvania Train tourist train concept – 4 days to experience the Transylvanian culture and traditions in ways unseen before by the public. This is the only touristic train that exists in Romania.

What is the Transilvania Train project?

An unique adventure by train, throughout the heart of the Transylvanian landscape, a personalised programme which includes authentic traditional experiences, starting with visiting historical sites and villages witch played an important role in the national history, attending captivating Transylvanian workshops like the local Saxon villages architecture, the traditional cuisine, the famous hand-made traditional tiles kraft, to unique uplifting concerts like the rare organ concert in the Evangelic Church in Sebeș city or the local Philarmonic Orchestra in the Sibiu city square.

The train was rented from the Romanian National Rail Company (CFR) and made available only to Transilvania Train customers. The train had 4 carriages with a maximum capacity of 100 seats. In the first edition, almost all of them were taken care of. The carriages were bistro-type, cages with tables and a bar where customers could serve coffee, wine, snacks, etc., served by the organizing staff.

What role have we played in this context?

The GOOD Company proposed the most impactful communication strategy in order to raise the awareness and credibility of this one of a kind, innovative tourism concept in Romania – the Transilvania Train. Throughout the communication project, we built credibility around the concept and its founders.


We tested the public`s reaction by starting the Facebook official page ( The reactions were contradictory. Some people were enthusiastic about the concept and the fact that it endorsed the Romanian culture and traditions, but we also had to overcome reactions about the price of the experience and the fact that we used the train as a way of transportation (the CFR partnership is also a controversial topic). By keeping close to our community and answering their questions (and respecting their opinions) in a personalised and constructive way, over the months we managed to gain their trust and they started to share our enthusiasm for the project.

Along with the launch of the website and growth of our community, the interest of the media also started to rise.


Along with the launch of the website and growth of our community, the interest of the media also started to rise.

The most well-known and reliable online and print publications, bloggers, radio and TV media started to notice the initiative and agreed to spread the news to their communities, meeting with the founders for interviews and debates and presenting the project from different angles. Some communication partners took the initiative to the next level, by organising contests for their communities and offering invitations to Transylvania Train. The local communication partners and media, in the Transylvanian cities included in the project were also kept close and supported the project throughout the communication process.

What we took into account: business/generalist/travel/lifestyle/goingout/parenting/startup publications and blogs, TV news channels (in travel and news TV shows), radio communication (local and national), travel and photography communities, expats’ communities, online communication (Google and Facebook Ads), National Rail Company communication channels, event partners’ channels (local hotels, sponsors, workshops’ organizers) and the local communities involved in the project.


From a commercial point of view, the project was definitely a pilot version. We tested different approaches, addressing mainly the Romanian market at this first edition, by offering generous discounts for a limited number of tickets, personalised offers for groups and also by launching a family campaign in which children would receive free tickets or major discounts.


31st of August 2017, the start of the journey!

The participants arrived at the departure location, Brașov Railway Station with great enthusiasm and big expectations. ”

”Small details make a big difference”, this is the organisers’ motto.

Along with the personalised programe carefully prepaired by the organisers, special surprises and events condimented the 4 day journey and left everbody thinking about their next Transilvania Train experience.

The local and national media, bloggers, were also on-board and documented the experience online, in social media, TV and radio throughout the jurney, including the following week.


Over 5 milion views (online articles, interviews, etc.).

Over 6 TV news show mentions (Stirile de la ora 19:00 PRO TV, Prima TV, Observator Antena 1, Canal 33).

Over 5 Radio shows mentions and interviews (Gold FM, Romantic FM, Radio Cultural Mures, Smart FM, etc.).

Over 50 posts (photos, photo albums, LIVES, gifs, etc.) and 4k social media impressions from bloggers, publications and participants.


Project Management

Delia Mărgărit – Managing Partner
Magda Topolică – Senior Account Manager
Anca Spiridon – Account Executive


Florence Mărgărit – Creative Director
Teodor Bradu – Senior Graphic Designer
Anita Kevorkian – Graphic Designer
Dori Alexa – Graphic Designer
Laura Luncanu – Graphic Designer
Dan Coravu – Content Creator



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