X80 Pro
Launch 2022

X80 Pro
Launch 2022

vivo Europe, one of the world’s top 5 smartphone brands, elevated its product portfolio with the introduction of the vivo X80 Pro flagship. The cutting-edge smartphone was unveiled in a grand event that took place in June 2022 in Berlin.

The vivo X80 Pro, part of the flagship vivo X series, showcases a professional imaging system co-engineered with ZEISS and exceptional performance, designed to help users in capturing the perfect shot.








vivo wanted to develop a PR communication strategy for the X80 Pro launch and develop a creative concept and tactical ideas involving media and influencers, in order to meet the launch objectives. The launch was the brand’s first Pan-European physical launch event, with the brand having entered the EU market within less than two years. Therefore, the event represents a tool at hand to support and amplify the media and influencers communication.


Mobile imaging capabilities were a top interest in smartphone market consumer trends in 2022. This is one of the key selling points for the vivo X80 Pro, as a result of the thriving two-year vivo x ZEISS Imaging Partnership.

The GOOD Solution

From a strategic perspective, our approach was to implement a multi-stage strategy with the primary goal of rise excitement surrounding the European launch event. We recognized the importance of tailoring our strategy to meet the distinct needs and expectations of our communication partners – tech and photography influencers on one hand and the media, on the other hand.


For the media, we initiated the project by organizing two exclusive webinars. These webinars offered an in-depth exploration of the cutting-edge technologies co-engineered with ZEISS, providing European media with a unique opportunity to gain insight into the vivo ZEISS Global Imaging Partnership. This approach ensured that the journalists were genuinely enthusiastic about what lies ahead in vivo’s partnership with ZEISS.
To generate excitement for the upcoming product launch, we created a content calendar featuring press releases and tech articles teasing the most appealing technologies developed by vivo and ZEISS.
We also provided a comprehensive guide for European markets interested in local launches to ensure consistency and alignment.

In order to offer our communication partners, the opportunity to be the first to test the product, we have shipped the vivo X80 Pro smartphone prior to the launch and invited them to test the product at the event and reveal the results to the public. The product launch occurred in Berlin at the Zeiss-Großplanetarium, spanning two days, with one day dedicated to the tech media and the other to the photo content creators.

The Zeiss-Großplanetarium in Berlin was the perfect spot to create the create opportunity for engagement and offer exciting night and day contexts for product testing, facilitating discussion with vivo representatives.

For the influencers, we took an extra step by organizing a guided photo tour after the launch event. This tour led them away from the typical Berlin tourist attractions and instead provided inspiration for capturing unique and creative images and videos in unexpected locations within the German capital. The X80 Pro played a pivotal role in empowering the influencers to take on the role of directors. The day concluded with a relaxing dinner on a Berlin rooftop, leaving an impressive lasting impression.

This multi-stage approach allowed us to orchestrate a highly successful European product launch that catered to the needs of both the media and influencers.


Project Management

Magda Topolică – Account Director
Alexandra Stanciu – Senior Account Executive


Florence Mărgărit – Creative Director
Flavia Fabian – Graphic Designer



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