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We love tech, just like you do. And we have lots of experience in working for the tech industry and on international project such as the one unfolded below. It is an extraodinary era to explore and promote tech capabilities, and we feel priviledged to enhance our portofolio with this kind of addition.
vivo is a mobile phone brand who entered the European market a few years ago and The Good Company had the pleasure to contribute to its growth, including in the Romanian Market. It is now world top 5 smartphone brands.
After the x80 model launch, a new one entered the mobile segment, completing the X flagship portfolio with other qualities that had to be showcased in a captivating way.
As a result of the ZEISS partnership, vivo X90 Pro is the ultimate imaging flagship, a pro camera in your pocket with major updates in the photo and video modes and functions.
Other important updates are made in the performance & efficiency area, where alongside MediaTek, vivo incorporated the latest processor to its dual-chip flagship, MediaTek Dimensity 920, added a bigger battery and faster charging capabilities.
Last but not least, in the design area, vivo X90 Pro used the Fibonacci ratio to aesthetically frame the back cameras area and balance the smartphone design and added high-quality materials such as resistant Schott Xensation® glass, aluminum frame and vegan leather for back case for comfortable and premium look & feel.








For the flagship launch, vivo wanted a digital European PR launch plan that would help it meet its goal, maintaining the same level of media coverage and share of voice across Europe as with the 2022 X series flagship launch. The agency had to take into consideration the solid top market product to be launched by vivo in the crowded digital landscape with multiple tech launches and events and to build a different launching approach (then that of the previous year), due to limitations in an instable economic environment in Europe.


Mobile imaging capabilities remains of top interest in smartphone market consumer trends 2023. This is one of the key selling points for the vivo X90 Pro, as a result of the 3-year thriving vivo x ZEISS Imaging Partnership.

The GOOD Solution


For the European PR launch, we had to take into consideration multiple challenges like the unsynchronized global launch of the X90 pro smartphone, the busy landscape in the tech segment with multiple product launches and industry events and the high expectations created by the previous X generation, the X80 Pro with outstanding specs and spectacular European media launch in Berlin. We proposed building a multi-stage European PR launching project and to emotionally charge the product launch in order for media and the public to remain excited, since the X90 pro specs and benefits were not news anymore to the public, due to the unveil of the product in Asia Pacific zone prior the European launch.

From a strategic point of view, for the launch project we propose a multi-stage approach.


We have started with the teasing communication, disclosing little by little the new technologies, features and exciting innovations developed alongside ZEISS, preparing the way for the new vivo product to be positioned in the right way, excitingly expected, asked about and awaited. We have embarked on our European core media in our launch journey from the start, opening the dialogue about our product in European live tech talks, alongside vivo and ZEISS specialists. In order to keep them involved in perfecting our product, we have given them access to global product briefing and delivered them the product few months prior the launch, so they can thoroughly test it and share their feedback so vivo can improve the go to market version based on their expert opinion.


In the launching phase it was the time to involve everyone in the discussion about the vivo product, by officially disclosing the market availability in Europe and openly offering the product for testing along with detailed media briefing kits and challenging media to become explorers through the eye of their own pocket camera, the vivo X90 Pro. Assets kits, guidelines for local launching events and local paid collaborations have been developed, in order to maintain a recognizable and unitary vivo X signage across the launching process.


In the post-launching phase, we have planned extensive content guidelines and content calendar co complement the product testing pitching and help content creators (especially Instagrammers, Youtubers, Tik Tokers) to discover and try out lesser known but inspiring and creative features and functions of the X90 Pro product.

From a content point of view, we have designed different content pillars to sustain the launch during its stages.

• The Excite pillar, where the public will get a glimpse of the next vivo flagship that will get the attention and get them thinking about what is next from vivo in Europe.

• The Educate pillar, explaining journalists and the public the lates technologies and features that makes X90 Pro a true top flagship.

• The Experience pillar, going beyond the specs, showing inspiration and benefits from actual product usage.

A special content project in the sustain period was meant to make the European media clearly aware of the improvements and benefits of the X90 Pro imaging capabilities, over the previous flagship version, the vivo X80 Pro.
To highlight the major updates of the X90 Pro, we have developed an inspiring and extensive comparison project with a professional photographer, vivo X series ambassador, Vlad Eftenie. Alongside Vlad, we have tested the X90 Pro vs X80 Pro cameras – wide sensor, portrait, low light, night photography and managed to send a clear message to Europe and even globally – the X90 Pro is the most performant vivo camera smartphone up to date.



Account Management

Delia Mărgărit – Managing Partner
Magda Topolică – Account Director
Alexandra Stanciu – Senior Account Executive
Irina Gonța – Senior Account Executive


Florence Mărgărit – Creative Director
Flavia Fabian – Graphic Designer



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